Thailand to Cambodia

Phuket, Thailand was amazing! It wasn’t what I expected but I loved the food, hotels and the area. The wifi was pretty good and it worked for most things. The view was also awesome! I could see the beach and the lake. The beaches were big and sometimes the current was strong. The time differnce to Alberta was 13 hours (we were ahead). We rented a scooter with a side car that was apparently really hard to steer and was not powerful, but it was moving a lot of weight. It could barely go up a 10 degree hill! We had to push it up some hills and hold it on the down hills. I loved that is had fold down walls. On Tuesday we had to get up at 2:55am and get in the taxi at 3:02am which was early. We got to the airport around 4:00am. It was perfect timing because by the time we got to our terminal we had an hour or so to have a nap. I slept for the whole flight.  The airport was way nicer in Cambodia that other airports. Once we finished doing customs and getting our bag we got in a tuk tuk to get to our hotel that’s more like a guest house. The people were nice and gave us a wet towel and water. We got in our room at 8:15am. We had pizza for supper that was delivered. It was delicious!


Elephant Ride in Phuket, Thailand

IMG_3708.jpgToday I went for an awesome elephant ride with my family. I liked the ride because it was scary and awesome! The elephants were rocky, unstable and jerking you forwards and backwards. I loved the ride and the picture of us on elephants. Our driver was a local that sat on the top of the smooth elephant head. The elephant just walked on the path around their property and went back to where we hopped on. When we were done we went back to the condo to hang out and maybe sleep.

Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur

IMG_0911.jpgThe twin towers were tall and wide. I was very surprised at their massive height. At night the 88 business floors were lit up.  They are the tallest twin towers in the world and have a walkway halfway up. They also have a shopping mall at the base of the towers. I can’t think how much elevators they have. The towers took a long time to build.

At 6:00 pm we went to grab some ice cream at the store next to the light show. The light show was awesome enough to start at 7:00pm and last till 8:15pm. We could hear the water go up and down according to the music that was playing. We sat on the wet grass and it was just the right temperature at night. There were a lot of people watching the show. I was wanting to go because I was getting bored.

Food Stalls In Kuala Lumpur



The food stalls had lots of different types of food and drinks.  It smelled like garbage and I could only see tables. It was loud, but the food was delicious. It was weird walking around the streets that only had enough room for a truck to go through. I could not imagine working there because I wouldn’t have much room to walk around. I ordered a tasty dish that had 5 chicken skewers, 5 pork skewers and a sauce.



Legoland Malaysia


I have always wanted to go to Legoland and see what it’s like. We found out that it was big, quiet and had lots of expensive things to buy. There’s lego building, roller coasters, Mindstorm activities and lots more.  There’s lots to do in the Theme Park, but the Water Park has as many activities. If there’s thunder they will shut it down until the thunder stops. The whole theme park will close at 6:00pm local time at Legoland. The rides are for all ages, the older kids/ adults can go on water slides, roller coasters and more. However, there is more to do for little kids. All ages will have a lot of fun no matter if it’s raining and thundering or just sun. My favorite things were: Miniature World, Mindstorm, RC boat driving (the boats need fixing; not from me) and the water ferris wheel that you got wet on. It was a lot of fun!


Singapore is  large, clean, fancy and expensive.  It started off on the airplane and the flight attendants were saying over the intercom to not chew gum or you will get fined and the Singaporeans would get offended if you did certain things. I loved the view from the airplane! You could see anything like boats, drilling rigs and more. The security was easy and you could not bring a knife that you press a button and it opens. It was as clean as you could think of. First of all they gave me a piece of candy and I ate it so I got another at customs. They were delicious!

We took the train and then walked the rest of the way to our hotel that was a high end resort in Canada and it was one of the cheapest hotels. We stopped there to hang out and use their fast wifi. After an hour of using their wifi we took a bus to the Botanic Gardens and saw lots of plants, turtles, a lizard and a gecko. It was amazing!

After the Botanic Gardens we took the MRT to downtown where we walked a long ways. There was a beautiful light show that had lasers and we didn’t even know it was happening. My favourite thing about Singapore is that there were a lot of rich people and a lot of expensive and fancy things.

Scootering To A Temple

Hello Readers,

Sorry for the delay, I didn’t have wifi for a few days.


Today we went scootering to a temple and we stopped at the gate to get our things that looked like skirts that we had to wear. They went from our hips down to the floor. You couldn’t go in a temple without one of the things. It looked real crazy and ridiculousIt took about 5 min to scooter 25 km per hour and it’s about 15 km to the 2nd place where you can park and start the hike to the rest of the temples. We had to hike 1567 steps to the middle of the loop.

DSCN7428.jpgIn my opinion the 1st one was the best temple of them. I was pretty amazed at the 2nd one too and then it just got boring hiking and hiking again! We finished off the day with a scooter to the white sand beach (Virgin Beach). The white sand beach had white sand and we had to go through the security and pay the fee that was $10000 Rp. 10000 Rp is $1.00 CAD. We stopped along the beach to have a roasted corn. The BBQ  was made from what looked like a culvert, out of metal, only a lot smaller, and they used small chunks of coal. Just so you know on the way out we didn’t pay because the workers went home and it was raining. I don’t think you have to pay.