West Edmonton Mall Water Park

West Edmonton Mall Water Park

We started for the Edmonton Mall at around 7:30am Alberta Time. We made it there at around 1:15 pm. First we tried to get to the top level of the parking lot and we got there. Then we went to the hotel lobby to see if our room was ready, but it was not ready yet. So we went to the water park to go on some slides and swim in the wave pool. I went down one of the hardest slides first by accident. Later on we went on the 3rd easiest slide. We even found one that had a thick surfboard that kept score. I had to press the right colour of light on my thick surfboard or I would get an X on the scoreboard for that section. Over all my favorite slide was the surfboard slide.

When we were done we went up to our space themed room. The space room was my favorite room because it is dark at night, had bunk beds, a tiny jacuzzi, an awesome shower, crazy sink and star projector. Over all it was my favorite hotel ever!


Four Travelers

Hello, we are four travellers and we love to travel around the world, up to Canada, Down to Australia and around the side. After a couple months or a year, we go back to Alberta Canada and then go back to travelling. Every time we travel we go to the cheap spots and if we have a couple hours in the airport in the night we sleep on a bench. I like to use the wifi and eat the bananas, the best airport yet is New Zealand, but the next one is Easter Island. The thing I like about the one in Easter Island is it’s almost all outside in the fresh air.