Singapore is  large, clean, fancy and expensive.  It started off on the airplane and the flight attendants were saying over the intercom to not chew gum or you will get fined and the Singaporeans would get offended if you did certain things. I loved the view from the airplane! You could see anything like boats, drilling rigs and more. The security was easy and you could not bring a knife that you press a button and it opens. It was as clean as you could think of. First of all they gave me a piece of candy and I ate it so I got another at customs. They were delicious!

We took the train and then walked the rest of the way to our hotel that was a high end resort in Canada and it was one of the cheapest hotels. We stopped there to hang out and use their fast wifi. After an hour of using their wifi we took a bus to the Botanic Gardens and saw lots of plants, turtles, a lizard and a gecko. It was amazing!

After the Botanic Gardens we took the MRT to downtown where we walked a long ways. There was a beautiful light show that had lasers and we didn’t even know it was happening. My favourite thing about Singapore is that there were a lot of rich people and a lot of expensive and fancy things.