Swallows Cave


Today we went to a cave near Neiafu, Tonga. We left the mooring ball just before noon and started our way towards the cave. Just after we left I put a fishing line out in hopes of catching a small yellowfin tuna. As soon as I put out the line the wind started to pick up so I made sure that it would not get stuck on the tender.

Swallows Cave was about half way between Neiafu and the cove where we moored last night. It was covered in graffiti and spray paint but it was still amazing formations. It had sharp edges along the sides, was very dark and eerie, and had limestone dripping down.

Dad and I went to another cave-like thing beside Swallows Cave but it was too shallow. We decided to go back to the main harbour and get our reserved mooring ball. We tied up to an empty cleat at the Aquarium and went to the market to grab some fruit and vegetables. Then we went to the Digicel Office to see how much wifi we had and we still had 60 GB left on our plan! More youtube videos for me!

At the end of the day we left the market and tied up to a mooring ball closer to our house. This way we can access the boat easier and keep a close eye on it.