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Temples In Siem Reap, Cambodia

The temples were AMAZING! They were big and had lots of hallways. The first temple was called ‘Angkor Wat’ and it was bigger than the other five temples. It had lots of hallways and stairs. It was built out of stone … Continue reading

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War Museum In Cambodia

The War Museum in Siem Reap, Cambodia was awesome! I could go up to the tank, walk on it, or do anything. Our guide was in the war and died 12 times. He got shot a lot of times, stepped on … Continue reading

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Thailand to Cambodia

Phuket, Thailand was amazing! It wasn’t what I expected but I loved the food, hotels and the area. The wifi was pretty good and it worked for most things. The view was also awesome! I could see the beach and … Continue reading

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Elephant Ride in Phuket, Thailand

Today I went for an awesome elephant ride with my family. I liked the ride because it was scary and awesome! The elephants were rocky, unstable and jerking you forwards and backwards. I loved the ride and the picture of … Continue reading

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