Legoland Malaysia


I have always wanted to go to Legoland and see what it’s like. We found out that it was big, quiet and had lots of expensive things to buy. There’s lego building, roller coasters, Mindstorm activities and lots more.  There’s lots to do in the Theme Park, but the Water Park has as many activities. If there’s thunder they will shut it down until the thunder stops. The whole theme park will close at 6:00pm local time at Legoland. The rides are for all ages, the older kids/ adults can go on water slides, roller coasters and more. However, there is more to do for little kids. All ages will have a lot of fun no matter if it’s raining and thundering or just sun. My favorite things were: Miniature World, Mindstorm, RC boat driving (the boats need fixing; not from me) and the water ferris wheel that you got wet on. It was a lot of fun!


3 thoughts on “Legoland Malaysia

  1. Hi Kol,
    Wonderful to hear that you made it to Legoland! It sounds like an exciting place to be with so much to do! Don’t let my kids hear about this place or I will never hear the end of it. I have always been a bit afraid of theme parks as they seem so busy and loud. I have also been terrified of rollercoasters! You are a very brave kid to go try it all out.

    Thank you for sending your travel blog update Kol. Keep sharing!

    Have a wonderful day,


  2. This must have been an exciting experience for all four of you! There seems to have been lots of activities/experiences for any age: a true family theme park. Shutting down for lightning and thunder is probably a safety precaution. A fabulous experience in a new country. Thanks for sharing!

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