Scootering To A Temple

Hello Readers,

Sorry for the delay, I didn’t have wifi for a few days.


Today we went scootering to a temple and we stopped at the gate to get our things that looked like skirts that we had to wear. They went from our hips down to the floor. You couldn’t go in a temple without one of the things. It looked real crazy and ridiculousIt took about 5 min to scooter 25 km per hour and it’s about 15 km to the 2nd place where you can park and start the hike to the rest of the temples. We had to hike 1567 steps to the middle of the loop.

DSCN7428.jpgIn my opinion the 1st one was the best temple of them. I was pretty amazed at the 2nd one too and then it just got boring hiking and hiking again! We finished off the day with a scooter to the white sand beach (Virgin Beach). The white sand beach had white sand and we had to go through the security and pay the fee that was $10000 Rp. 10000 Rp is $1.00 CAD. We stopped along the beach to have a roasted corn. The BBQ  was made from what looked like a culvert, out of metal, only a lot smaller, and they used small chunks of coal. Just so you know on the way out we didn’t pay because the workers went home and it was raining. I don’t think you have to pay.


2 thoughts on “Scootering To A Temple

  1. Hi Kol,
    Going to temples would be a fascinating experience! What an incredible culture that you get to explore. It is very important that you respect the rules of the temple even if you feel ridiculous in a skirt! Good for you Kol!

    On a side note this was a great Social Studies experience. Not to mention physical education with all that hiking! Continue to explore and discover ☺


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